Megan as a Writer

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Megan is passionate about using the medium of writing to explore intersections between ideas related to music, science, and the environment. In 2018, Megan served as the Winter Radio Intern for All Classical Portland, where she regularly contributed to the station's Beyond the Music blog. Her articles strive to enhance the listening experience, help make classical music accessible for all types of listeners, and celebrate under acknowledged composers. 

Megan also enjoys writing on various topics related to musicology and ecomusicology. In the summer of 2016, Megan was awarded a research grant for her senior thesis entitled “Soundscape Composition: Music as Environmental Activism.” She documented her research on her blog, Sonic Spaces, which can be found at Megan presented her thesis at the Northwest Honors Research Symposium in 2016, presented a guest lecture of her work in University of Puget Sound's MUS 333 class, and received University of Puget Sound's Robert MacArthur Award for a Superior Honors Thesis Presentation in 2017. In 2017, Megan received University of Puget Sound's Writing Excellence Award in the Arts and Humanities category for her essay, “Subtle Irony in Personal Growth: Beethoven and Prokofiev’s ‘Classical’ Symphonies.” Megan also received the University of Puget Sound School of Music Scholarly Achievement Award in Music History Award in 2017. 

 In the 2016-17 academic year, Megan was Editor-In-Chief of Elements Scientific Magazine of the University of Puget Sound. Elements is a biannual, student-managed magazine at the University of Puget Sound dedicated to providing a medium for scientific voices to discuss topics of campus-wide, local, and global interest. The publication features original material on student research, current events, art, and academic culture created by the campus community. As Editor, Megan led content development, writer and artist recruitment, editing, and design and layout of the magazine. Megan also regularly contributed articles to Elements from 2013-2017. 

For a complete listing of Megan's writings, including all Elements and All Classical Portland articles, please see the "Catalog" page.