Megan as a Poet


Megan released her second set of poetry chapbooks in January of 2019. autumnal documents a celebratory and elegiac journey from the autumnal equinox to the winter solstice. persephone guides the reader through a heroine’s cyclical journey of descending into one’s darkness to find the light that shines within. elemental offers the reader a portal into the self through the four alchemical elements of earth, water, fire, and air. As we discover the magic of the elements as they exist in the natural world, so too, do we find that they exist within.

Megan released her first series of poetry chapbooks in June of 2018. from the earth explores a personal journey of arriving at home within oneself through connecting to the natural world. speak centers on the process of finding and learning how to use one’s voice through song, speech, and the written word. state of being reflects on hurt, healing, and growth, crossing thresholds from doubt to hope, night to day, and inner to outer. Her chapbooks can be purchased via her Etsy site at

Megan regularly posts poems and other musings to her Instagram account, @parallax_poetry